(The Aggregation Engine):

QUANTA is an aggregation engine. Its purpose is to combine and analyze multiple liquidity data sources in real-time. Its outcome is to present you with the best and most dynamic order book, for your own trading benefits. It does so through a smart gateway between your trading system and top tier banks, market makers and liquidity providers around the world. This allows you to refine your sell-side offering and increase your market share.

Hosting & Connectivity

The QUANTA aggregation engine is hosted in specialized data centers aside the majority of top tier banks and liquidity providers to minimize the latency and optimize efficiency. Our infrastructure is available in data centers within the following regions:

  • London – covering Europe region
  • New York – covering the Americas region
  • Tokyo – covering Asia region

In addition, the QUANTA aggregation engine can also be hosted and deployed at any private site selected by our clients when needed.

Execution Quality

As a key requirement, our team has enriched the QUANTA aggregation engine with various functions and features that keeps the execution quality at a premium level, with low rejection ratios, including robust rejections recovery methods, parameterized dynamic markup optimization and advanced liquidity providers real-time ranking rules.

Risk Management/Monitoring

Our QUANTA aggregation engine delivers advanced order monitoring and risk management, allowing you to optimize your market risk exposure in real time, monitor and manage NOP exposure, set defined risk limits on a granular and non-granular level, automate dynamic hedging rules based on pre-defined parameters, view exposure with banks and liquidity providers and provide you with real-time monitoring user interface. You will have a clear view and full control of your risks.

System Control

Our QUANTA aggregation engine was designed to support and deliver a rich user-friendly control panel, allowing the system admin to control various engine parameters; from adding or removing liquidity data sources to changing the smallest instrument details without the need to restart the whole service or contact our support team.

The Implementation

Our team is continuously investing in top business analytics and innovative research to advance and expand the product base, with the aim of:

  • Implementing the most unique and essential features within an ultra-low latency architecture and secure environment.
  • Resolving the most common problems other similar products face.
  • Providing key solutions for financial institutions, with high quality service.